Facilties Gallery

Manufacturing Facility

Since our inception we have consciously followed a policy of continuous up-gradation of plant and machinery to stay abreast with the latest developments in the field of extrusion, weaving and sewing technology. As a result, we have achieved high level of Integration of Operations. Our manufacturing units are spread over an area of 4 lacs Sq feet. Together they have a production capacity of 30000 MT per annum. A 33 KV direct power supply line from the electricity board has also been established at the unit for uninterrupted power supply to achieve finest quality and quantity of production.


We have Tape Plants with world class technology from M/s Lohia Starlinger (German technology) having production capacity of 30000 tons per annum of polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths. All tape lines are equipped with highly sophisticated beta gauge systems as well as auto dies to provide international quality standards of any product.

Our specialty is in producing three layer co-extruded tapes, first in the country, as we believe that our customers deserve this special product. This superior plant ensures that we produce tapes which will give our customers edge over their competitors, and hence we create value for our customers.


we have looms from 4 shuttle to 10 shuttle from M/s Lohia Starlinger (German technology). Having wide variety model of weaving looms for PP woven fabric and Leno fabric, these looms are structured to produce variety of fabrics in variance of 12” to 100”. We produce 800000 mtrs per day. This variety is unique in the sub-continent which caters to all packaging applications such as cements, fertilizer, Sugar, Salt, onion, potatoes, vegetables, food grade etc.. with packing ranging from 5 kg to 2000 Kgs. We believe in providing a total packaging solution across all industries, one stop shop for the comfort and benefit of our customers..


We have lamination machines from Windmoller and Holscher, Germany and J.P Extrusion which are designed to give an extra coating of plastic on woven and non-woven fabrics. These machines are fully equipped to do sandwich lamination of BOPP films, paper and non-woven fabrics which is further used for special applications. Lamination can be done with both Glossy finish and Matte finish.


We can produce webbing from 1 cms to 10 cms width. We produce 100000 meters of webbing per day.

Cutting Machine

We have various types of cutters which can do heat cutting, cold cutting and ultrasonic cutting.

Flexo Printing Machine

We have a range of flexographic printing machines which print on roll to roll application or roll to cutting application, where we can print upto 6 colours.

BOPP Printing Machine

We have state of the art multi colour printing machine which can print upto 9 colours on BOPP films. .

Clean Room Facility

We have a fully equipped state of the art clean room facility which adheres to global standards. It is fully equipped with world class equipments like ultrasonic cutting , air cleaning machines , metal detection systems etc.

Finishing Dept

We produce upto 500000 bags per day for various applications.

1. BCS – On-line bag cutting and bottom stitching machine (hot cutting and cold cutting)
2. Volvomatic – fully automated cement bag making machine from Lohia Corp Ltd.
3. Block bottom machine : We have the latest technology of machines from Windmoller and holscher, Germany to produce Block bottom bags with / without BOPP films which are used for the packing of cement / food products etc. We produce 2.5 lacs bags per day of this international standard product.
4. Gusset bag making machine (plain and twist)
5. Manual stitching machines.
6. Hydraulic Bale press machines.

Testing Lab

Though we have Film thickness gauge monitoring system in our all the tape plants, we have other equipments like

  • Tensile testing machines ,
  • MFI testing of raw material ,
  • UV testing,
  • Air permeability testing,
  • Load test,
  • Conductivity testing,
  • Shrinkage testing
  • And UN testing as per Indian and international standards.

Why Choose Bright ?

  • Completely Integrated Modern Facility
  • Over 200 Leading Brands using our products
  • Customization of Features
  • 3 Decades in Business  Successfully
  • Stare of The Art BRC Certified Unit
  • ISO 9000,14000, 22000, 45000 Certified
  • 1000+ Employees
  • Techsavvy Management
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Integrity in Everything we do