A bulk / Jumbo bag or flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is defined as an intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric and are designed to pack & lift bulk materials ranging from 500kg to 2500kg. These bags are highly customizable and suit a large variety of markets from commodity to hazardous to Food Contact.

A lot of our customers are very familiar with FIBC’s; while some are first times users, or know very little. Whatever the case may be, BFIPL can work with you to develop the perfect bag for your needs. You can choose from our product line, or let our R&D team devise a bag according to your unique requirements. Take a look at some of our more widely used designs ALL manufactured in our own facilities, under the strict quality control measures.

Food Grade Bag

BFIPL is fully aware of the necessity for a composite infrastructure combined with effective various policies to satisfy the requirements of companies involved in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors. Our food grade FIBC Bags are manufactured from virgin raw materials and where applicable are supplied with LDPE/LLDPE inner liners and all other specifications as required by the customers.

We are having integrated fully functional 2,00,000 sq.ft production area which is hepa filtered with 0.3 micron air to ensure the contamination free environment to make food grade bags. Our food grade FIBC’s are manufactured with strict quality control measures and well defined polices.

Which are bifurcated in below categories,

  • Personal hygiene practices.
  • Operational practices.
  • Wooden policy
  • Glass policy
  • Metal policy
  • Laundry policy

In the production area, it’s facilitated with high-tech equipment ensures that FIBC Bags are produced to satisfy our customer’s demands. We have:

  • Most modern extrusions machines having with beta gauge installed.
  • Looms equipped with ultrasonic slitting devices
  • Ultrasonic fabric cutting machines.
  • Heat sealing of the threads.
  • Light table inspection of all the bags.
  • Vacuum cleaning of the bags.
  • Metal detection of the bags.
  • Stretch film wrapping in all pallets.
  • Container loading with Dock shelters.

Our quality control process consists of three steps:

  1. Material inspection and testing
  2. Process inspection and testing
  3. Final quality control


In the final stage of production, and prior to palletizing, every FIBC Bag is inspected by quality control staff to ensure that all features comply with the customer’s specifications. All employees receive documented training on hygienic standards and we continuously upgrade our production facility to achieve the highest standards.

Our offered food grade bags are made of Polypropylene which complying with variations regulations as required by the US, EU standards etc., also, the other items used for the manufacturing process are complied with food grade standards as well to ensure the perfect quality bags made and offered to you.



  • Very strong and flexible
  • Each FIBC can carry upto 2000KG weight.
  • Each FIBC has integral lifting loops, eliminating the need for pallets.
  • Excellent Printability
  • Efficient use of space with Specific Designs
  • Cost effective
  • Improved Safety for Workers

Lifting Options

Lifting Options

Lifting Loops options

One customizable feature of FIBC’s is that makes them a versatile bulk packaging solution is the top loop construction. With multiple loop construction options, bags can be customized to fit your specific application and operation.

This simply means that the handling guidelines differ from those of rigid containers, but by following a few simple steps, bulk bag use can prove to be safe and effective. Click here to download the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA’s) Safe Handling Guidelines for a more in-depth look at safe-handling practices.

Filling Options

Discharge Options

Filling / Discharge options

Common filling options include an open top, duffle top, conical top or a spout top.  Discharging/bottom options include a duffle bottom, conical bottom, spout bottom or a flat bottom.  The filling and discharging options are selected are going to be dictated by a number of factors.

Types of FIBC Bags

Form Stabilized Bag( Baffle Bags) / Q Bags

Form stabilized bags offers maximum stability to the bag. Four rigid corner loops allow the forklift operator to pick up bags without the requirement of additional staff.

These type of bag is available with all sewing pattern, inlet/outlet design and various closure options. Form Stabilized bags ensure…

  • Saving in Space.
  • Higher Stability after filling, &
  • Retention of the rectangular shape

Baffle Bags

Baffled Bag:

The Baffled bag is preferred for transportation and storing products where best use of available space is essential is designed as an alternative to rigid forms of containers. The Baffle FIBC design utilizes inner baffles that maintain the original shape once the bag has been filled. This is achieved with perforated panels that ensure that the product flows uniformly into the corners.

Conical Bag

A standard or stable bag with a cone at bottom, conical tops allow to utilize the total capacity of the bag better. FIBCs with a conical base are specially developed for poorly flowing products like powders, Slurries, flour products etc. This conical shape allows them to flow from out spout.

Conical Bag

Cross Corner / Tubular Bag / Circular Bag

Cross Corner loop bag/Tubular Bag, loops are sewn in the body with the main fabric. These types of FIBCs are prepared when retaining the shape of the lifting loop becomes important. This bag is available in all patterns, input/output variation and different closing options. They are ideal for fine and hydroscopic materials. The tubular body design is also ideal as a liner-less option for fine materials and is recognized for its ease of lifting and manipulating with a forklift.

Tunnel Loop Bag

Tunnel loops are two continuous tunnels along the side of the FIBC. Tunnel loop bags are excellent for ease of using the FIBCs with a fork-lift. These are easy for one person to pick up and can therefore save labour . In addition, this may reduce your pallet usage.


UN Bag

UN bags are special type of FIBCs are designed to comply with the United nations Recommendations on the Transport of dangerous Goods. They have formulated directives to ensure safety and prevention of accidents, any type of injury, or even any sort of damage to the property. We test and design these bags so that they comply with all the requirements of a UN FIBC. Bright designs and produces quality UN Bags with the help of an efficient and trained staff along with the advanced technical equipments.


Asbestos / Deport bag

These bags meet the requirements of the landfill areas for waste that contain asbestos and can be disposed of underground. We take extra care to ensure that the Asbestos bag is fabricated with high grade raw material to ensure quality and longer service life. These bags are made as per customer requirements.

Single & Double Loop Bag

Single loop bag has one loop on the main fabric of bag and Double loop bag has two loops on the main fabric of bag. These are widely accepted as being more cost effective than the traditional 4- Loop Bags used. Compared to the standard four loop bags, these bags have different construction. Besides being an economical alternative, these bags also serve as the best packaging solution for granular and powdered bulk material. The unique construction of these bags make to easier to stack them at several levels as per positions such as handling requirement, storage and conditions of transportation. It protects the goods and reduces the pollution. These loop bags are available as per customer requirement with printable format.


Type A Bags

Type A FIBC are made from fabric without any measures against the build-up of static electricity. Any FIBC that does not meet the requirements specified in Clause 7 as per IEC norms or which has not been tested against the requirements is classified as Type A.

    Type B Bags

    Type B FIBC are made from fabric designed to prevent the occurrence of sparks (static) and propagating brush discharges. To ensure propagating brush discharges cannot occur across the walls of a FIBC intended for use in the presence of combustible dusts but in the absence of flammable vapours or gases, it shall be constructed from materials having an electrical breakdown voltage of less than or equal to 4 kV when tested.

      Type C Bags

      Type C FIBC are made from fabric interwoven with conductive tapes and designed to prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges. Type C FIBC are designed to be connected to earth during filling and emptying operations. The essential condition to the safe use and performance of a type C bag is that it must be electrically grounded during the process of filling and discharging.

        Type D Bags

        Type D FIBC are made from static protective fabric designed to prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges, without the need for a connection from the FIBC to earth. 

        4-Panel Bag

        U-Panel Bag

        Circular Bag

        Conductive Bag

        Ventilated Bag

        Palletless Bag

        Diaper Bag

        Mesh Bag For Wood

        Platen Wood

        Stitching Options

        For each material, we have the optimal solution for bags stitching. In our facility, we are equipped with all variety of stitching options, ie. double chain, overlock + Safety, Juki machines etc., to prepare the bags as per the safety standards along with the required product specifications.

        FIBC Liners

        Bulk bags with liner provide a suitable solution for materials that require a high degree of purity during packaging. The PE liner covers the whole inner side of the big bags so the material does not come into contact with the fabric or seams. We are offering liners as per the below categories and specifications as per the customer requirements.

         We are having with 3 layer co-extrusion liner plant & auto formfitting machine to prepare the liners with the blow materials.


        • LDPE
        • HDPE
        • CONDUCTIVE


        Integrated Processing

        Integrated in-house processing installed, ensuring quality & capability.

        Economical Packaging Solution

        Low Cost & Better Price to Performance as Compared to other Bulk Packaging Solutions.

        Strong & Sturdy

        Strength & Sturdiness is Assured till the Maximum Weight Specified.

        Stability Aiding Stacking

        Provides the Kind of Stability for packaging, enabling safer stacking.

        Convenient Transportation & Storage

        Highly convenient for transportation and storage.

        User Friendly

        Very User friendly for filling, lifting, transportation & discharge.

        When handling a flexible bulk container bag…


        • Ensure all handling equipment is free of sharp edges. Forklift tines and crane hooks can easily tear lifting straps and cause dangerous conditions. Inspect these before use.
        • Use all lifting straps vertically (or single-point center pick, if applicable). Always Follow manufacturer provided lifting instructions to maximize capacity and equal distribution of the load.

        Maintain a clear line of sight when moving a bulk bag. Avoiding personnel and other obstructions while handling loaded bags is key. Effective and clear communication is important here too.


        • Stand or have others stand beneath a suspended bulk bag.
        • Suspend your FIBCs using less than all straps provided. Failure to utilize all loops can result in failure and dangerous conditions.
        • Push, pull, or drag a filled lift bag, and abrasion will lead to failure.

        Overfill the bulk bag over its listed safe working load. Doing so compromises the integrity of the packaging.