FIBC Liners

Baffled Liners

The form-fit baffle design can provide superior package performance and, at times, reduce storage and shipping costs. Baffled liners allow a standard bulk bag to maintain a square shape. The liner is form fitted to the bag and utilizes internal baffles to prevent bulging that could result in a rounded footprint. The square shape promotes greater bag stability and stackability.

  • Increased FIBC stack-ability
  • Increased stability
  • Can hold up to 30% more product in a given space
  • Protection from contamination
  • Formed spouts for filling and discharge

Form Fit Liners

Form fit liners take the exact form of the body of the FIBC including the filling and discharge spouts. Form-fit liners improve the bags performance and protect the product packed from contamination during processing, storage, and transportation. Liner filling and discharge spouts can be tailor-made to the exact size specifications of the customer.


  • Eliminates dusting and leakage
  • Eliminates wasted space
  • Reduces tearing and twisting
  • Improves stacking and stability of the bag
  • Improves compatibility with filling equipment

Aluminium Liner

Form shaped aluminium liners, also known as foil liners, improve filling, discharging, handling and stability of the outside of the bag. Foil liners offer great moisture, oxygen, and UV protection and are compatible with a wide variety of bulk bags.


  • Provides Moisture/ Oxygen Barrier
  • Prevents Ingress of UV Light
  • Prevents Contamination
  • Improves Filling & Discharge

Lay Flat Liner

A lay flat tube is a common, cost-effective style of FIBC liner. The liner has no spouts or contours. Generally, the liner is open on one end and heat sealed on the other. Lay flat liners can be inserted and attached into a bulk bag in the same manner as a form fit liner. Lay-Flat polyethylene liners can come already inserted in the bag or can be purchased by the roll.


  • Eliminates dusting and leakage
  • Gusseted
  • Clear or custom colors
  • High Strength
  • Can be removed and reused

Conductive Liner

(L1 liner) – For electrostatic applications, these liners are vital for safely transporting materials susceptible to static build-up.

    • Type L1 Liner – Conductive film & polypropylene
    • Type L2 Liner – Polyethylene film & Permanent Anti-static film
    • Type L3 Liner – Polyethylene film, L3 is also considered as antistatic liner


Other Types